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Penguin website redesign and digital branding case study

Project Role & Remit

Art Direction
Responsive Design

In the latter part of the 1990's whilst exploring new technologies, Penguin became the first trade publisher to have a website. Shortly after the launch I joined Penguin Books to lead the Penguin Digital Design Department and help shape what was previously a marketing portal into what it is now, a content rich destination site.

As part of this redesign, I brought visual consistency to the website, branding content type and content channel throughout. Developing the Penguin logo lock-ups, so if it was anyone's it was Penguin's. If it was an author, it wasn't just any author it was a Penguin Author.

I maximised the use of the Penguin orange to improve the visibility of page sign posting, text-linking and CTA's. Though content heavy, it was clear to see what was of importance, and where to click.

The redesign was a success and my methodologies, colour palette, typographic voice and tempo were adopted globally, providing impact and visual online brand unity worldwide.


Future Proofing Penguin Online: POC

As a Proof of Concept, and part of the redesign process and 'wild card options', I also presented the idea of Penguin as an all encompassing Digital Publishing Brand, future proofing the possibilities of Penguin Online moving into a variety of interactive media genres and social platforms. At that time it was considered too progressive. Now, some years later Penguin occupies all and more.


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