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Cancer Research UK

Together we will beat cancer sooner

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In response to a brief I created a pitch that focused on obtaining awareness, understanding and mass participation towards Cancer Research UK's bid to beat cancer sooner.

Under the phrase 'Together we will beat cancer sooner' and movement 'The Collective', I looked at ways to engage the general public with thought provoking and emotive stories that they would feel linked with and moved by. It was vital that story and theme was fully connected, to form a full 360° participative story that the target audience felt and wished to be associated with.

I identified 4 key areas and groups - a survivor, a researcher, a family member and a supporter. These were my key routes to an inclusive story. Further research uncovered a reoccuring figure. 1 in 4 people die from cancer. In 2011 that was 1 person every 4 minutes. The 4 main cancers are Lung, Bowel, Breast and Prostate. A common thread had now been identified and from here I was able to develop the overall metaphor and campaign message.

4 Support, 4 Knowledge, 4 Love, 4 Life.
Together we will beat cancer sooner.

The next task was to develop an inclusive participative group. The Collective.

The Collective was a way that the public could participate in the story, even inviting them to become part of the 4 Faces campaign itself by telling their story from their perspective. I believed these targeted individuals are aged between 25 and 55 and would themselves begin to enter the demographic bracket that is most effected by cancer and cancer related illness. Greater investment into research and a committed drive for lifestyle change now could be life changing and life saving. They are proactive group and more likely to share content they felt was worthy. Their recipients would be more likely to share the information that has been shared with them.

I chose to use traditional printed material, magazine and poster advertising. Both would feature in the public domain and high footfall areas. All printed mediums would be integrated with QR Codes and NFCs, which would enable the posters and magazines to speak directly with viewer. Bridging the gap between traditional Printed Media and Digital interfaces.

A destination site would also be created to form the backbone of the campaign. Further information, support networks and the viewer participative elements would feature here.

A full pitch document and further information can be provided upon request.

The Proof of Concept Desktop and Tablet landing page can be viewed here.


Integrating Print & Digital Platforms

Selected imagery from:
Pitch, Platforms, Media and Events

The Pitch

Destination website


Magazine covers

Billboard Advertising

Memes and Shareable content

Public spaces: The Forth Plinth, Trafalgar Square

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