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Ethical Investments

Learn about investment and what it could do for you as well as others

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Proof of Concept
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The idea behind the Ethical Investor is as much about teaching an individual about investment plans, stocks and shares, as it is about what the investment would mean to a person living in a third world country. Countries where money to individuals means more than a material possession, but the matter of life and death to them or their community.

Users are invited to stipulate an amount they would invest, and in turn through real-time calculations they would be shown the type of financial return they would expect back. They would also be able to see a comparative scale of that investment return and what it would mean to someone from a third world country. Supplementary information would be accessible regarding the different types of investment risks and the areas they cover: Cash, Bonds, Property and Equity. The rewards achievable as well as the unpredictably and uncertainty they carry.

Users would also be able to view and play an animated timeline to see historical performance data. As the timeline moved the graphical elements would change in accordance to returns through that time period. This would display tangible information as to what could happen in prosperous times as well as times of financial hardship and stock market crashes.

As an instruction tool into the world of finance, there is also an underlying ethical story. Users could be invited to invest actual money; a transaction which would be facilitated by the client. In turn they would invest the money into ethical companies. You could follow your investment as it grows and see what it is providing for others. If I could see where and what my £10 does, maybe I would be happier making continual donations.

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