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The concept here was to create a destination site that would facilitate a conversation to equip the society of tomorrow with the knowledge to make the best choices today. FutureProof will explore the impact that automation and robotics will have on the very elements that underpin society, empowering the audience with the knowledge to make the best choices, for themselves, for their families, for their society.

By integrating Facial Recognition Technologies within the platform, information and content would be presented to the end user based on their specific emotional response.

From careers, to families to human kind, FutureProof will explore how automation will shape our world as we start to step into the fourth industrial revolution.

Full screen imagery of this digital interactive page contains combined faces to illustrate the the four main topics of focus for our 'FutureProofing' concept.

Using video, each of the four facial components will come alive, inviting the user to discover more in each specific topic area; Your career, Your children, Your world, Our Humanity.

Dynamic or Linear

The site offers two paths depending on the chosen level of user interaction:
A full interactive experience: with the use of facial recognition technology, where the user will be presented with relevant information and content, specific to their emotional reaction to the video. The content will display at the end of the video based on the user's overall emotional response. For example, worry, anger, intrigue etc.


The ability to watch the video and further engage with content by scrolling to discover more.

All videos will contain a set of thought-provoking statements linked to 'Life Questions' ("In the future, will my children have to compete with robots?"), specific to each of the four topics (Your career, Your children, Your world, Our Humanity).

FutureProof Your Career

What does the future hold in industry?
What will the impact be of the growing use of AI?
How will it change the way we work? How will we tackle the automation of jobs?

FutureProof Your Children

What will the jobs market look like in the future?
Will our children be competing with robots?
What are the fledgling industries that will be so critical in 50 years?
What should the next generation be studying at university to futureproof their career, or should they go to university at all?
Will learning as we know it, in person and in physical schools and hubs, become obsolete?

FutureProof Your World

How will automation and robotics help, or hinder, the environment?
What does it mean for globalisation?
Which societies will thrive thanks to AI and automation, and which will need to adapt to continue to survive?

FutureProof Our Humanity

Could machines ever take over the world?
Are we building our own downfall, with every advancement just one step closer to AI domination?


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